Screen Off widget for Android


Today, I was looking at **Screen Lock** button of my android mobile. Since i use this key frequently, It almost turned in to white colour from Silver. So i just searched in [Play store]( “Google Play Store”) and found an interesting Widget.

Its “[Screen Off]( “Screen Off”)”  – One click to turn off screen and lock device without touching power button. After installing “[Screen Off]( “Screen Off”)“, you can find it in the “Widget” to add it to desktop.


Play Store [Download Link]( “Download Screen Off”)


– Install it >> Grant Admin privilege when it asks >> then add the Widget to your Desktop.
– Now Simply click the widget to lock your Phone.

[![]( “screenoff1”)]( [![]( “screenoff2”)](


You need an Extra step to uninstall this widget.

– Go to Settings>> location & Security Settings >> Select Device Administrators.
– Uncheck the “ScreenOff” application from the list and click Deactivate.
– Now as usual, Uninstall the application from Settings >> Applications.


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