Openshift now supports Cron and Phpmyadmin with Cartridges

Now you can add Crons to your OpenShift application.

Login to [Openshift]( “”)

– Click My applications.

– Choose your application, and click “details”

– Click “Add +” button on Cartridges section

– Click cron 1.4 “select”

– Thats it, You have installed the cron cartridge to your application, And you will be presented with a HOW TO.

*cron-1.4 added to application jobnix*

To schedule your scripts to run on a periodic basis, add the scripts to your application’s .openshift/cron/{minutely,hourly,daily,weekly,monthly}/ directories (and commit and redeploy your application).

Example: A script .openshift/cron/hourly/crony added to your application will be executed once every hour.
Similarly, a script .openshift/cron/weekly/chronograph added to your application will be executed once every week.
You can also add cartridges like OpenShift Metrics 0.1 [Experimental] and  phpMyAdmin 3.4.

Enjoy … ![;)](

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