Openshift – Basic Commands

Some basic commands for OpenShift users.

– **Create a Namespace.**

`rhc domain create -n yourname -l rhloginid`

– **Change your Name pace**

`rhc domain alter -n yourname -l rhloginid`

– **Create a php Application**

`rhc app create -a appname -t php-5.3 -l rhlogin`

At the time of this writing, The Valid application types are (nodejs-0.6, jbossas-7, python-2.6, jenkins-1.4, ruby-1.8, diy-0.1, php-5.3, perl-5.10)

– **Add mysql cartridge to your application**

`rhc app cartridge add -c mysql-5.1 -a appname -l rhlogin`

At the time of this writing, The valid Cartridges are mongodb-2.0, cron-1.4, mysql-5.1, postgresql-8.4, haproxy-1.4, 10gen-mms-agent-0.1, phpmyadmin-3.4, metrics-0.1, rockmongo-1.1, jenkins-client-1.4.

– **Set Alias for you application**

`rhc app add-alias –alias -a appname -l rhlogin`

– **Remove alias of your application**

`rhc app remove-alias –alias -a appname -l rhlogin`

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