How to access files of Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note1 / Note2’s internal memory or external SD card ?

If you ever tried to access files of  your android mobile as you do in windows with Ubuntu / mac, You may get only the folder list. There wont be any files showing.

But, You can choose the “Mass storage Option” of your android device to transfer the files to your PC from Ubuntu or even with Windows / Mac.


1. Remove the USB cable from your android device.[sociallocker]
2. Go to Settings >> More Settings >>  USB utilities >> click on “Connect Storage to PC”
3. Now connect the USB cable to your PC and then to your Android Device,
4. Now click on “Turn on USB storage”
5. Wait for the device to appear on your PC.

To Remove

1. Close the folder and stop all the Mass storage operations to your android device.
2. Eject the Device from Window Manager.
3. Now click on “Turn Of  USB Storage”.
4. Now remove the cable and wait for some time to update the Media List.

PS : Removing the USB cable without the proper way may cause Data loss. [/sociallocker]

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