Using Yammer with Empathy

>Yammer is a micro blogging site for companies, it’s amazing how information and constant updates can save money and time so this is a great solution to keep all your teams informed at all times.

Unfortunately Yammer’s air client has some issues with some linux installations, so here’s the solution, use the OS chat client with yammer

First, you’ll need a [jabber]( account, you can create one at their site or you can create one from your IM client, Empathy allows this but not all clients can do it.

Now you need to make the account work with Empathy (or pidgin or kopete or whatever you like)

For empathy press F4 then click on “Add …” below the account list, you’ll get this screen


Just type your jabber account (remember the and your password and you are ready to go

Now it’s time to make it work with Yammer, go to Yammer page and log in, then go to [notifications]( section inside your profile and click on “Subscribe to feeds in real time (by email, SMS, or IM)”


On IM column click “enable” then type your jabber account


After that a message will arrive to your IM client, just type the code and you are ready to go, all messages sent to yammer through your IM will be published and all messages in your network will arrive as instant messages

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