Remove Spam with Gmail’s Plus addressing


Do you know that you have unlimited mail ids if you have a single gmail id!!! This is called Gmail Plus addressing.

**Quick Explanation**
If your mail id is *[email protected]* , Then mail sent to *[email protected]* , *[email protected]* , *[email protected] *etc will be delivered to your *[email protected]* Inbox !!!. Interesting, right ?

Let me give you a real world use of this feature,

**Scenario** – Website ** is a fake website which collects email addresses of users, and sells it to advt companies to make money.

One day you got this website and you clicked the “Download Software” option, Then the site says ” Please fill your mail id and we will send you the download link”…

**Normally what you do in this situation – **You will submit your mailid *[email protected]* and will wait for the download link. But you will get nothing, And the next day onwards you will be spammed by advertisement mails because xyzsoftware sold your mail address to 100+ advt companies.

**How you can use the gmails + addressing feature to prevent this hacks** – Now, is asking your mail address to sent you the download link, Just give them *[email protected]* , Now as i said its a fake site and you wont get nothing than advertising mails.

***What now ??? ***: – Open the advertisement mail received in your gmail inbox. and click on “Show Details”, here you can see that the mail was sent to [email protected]


[![]( “jobnix_gmail_Plus_addressing_1”)](

To get ride from those mails just create a filter (You know how to ?) in Gmail. and select
To: [email protected]

Action: – Delete it“`

[![]( “jobnix_gmail_Plus_addressing_2”)](

Now you wont get any mails sent to that id, which was sold to 100+ advertising companies by xyzsowtware.

I suggest you to use this + addressed mail id when registering on websiites.

Eg: When you register on give them [email protected], example [email protected]
To give them [email protected], Example [email protected]

Thanks ![:)](


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