phpmyadmin gives Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated

Hello Folks,


Today I was installing PHPMyAdmin and I was getting the below error while accessing http://IP/phpmyadmin page. The error was repeating even after logging in.


I have gone through the Google search results, but I couldn’t find any quick results. Most of the links were talking about reinstalling the php-gettext package and restarting the service but it was not fixing the issue. Some other websites were talking about disabling the error reporting in the PHP.ini file. So thought of posting a solution here so it may help someone.


The solution was to add the below line in the phpMyadmin Configuration file. Please note that if you don’t have this line in your phpMyadmin configuration you just need to add this line as it is.

vi /etc/phpMyAdmin/

Add the below line just above the “?>” closing line.

$cfg['SendErrorReports'] = 'never';


Once the line is added, save and exit the file and restart the httpd service.

systemctl restart  httpd

I hope this was helpful.:)

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