Now Enjoy Bollywood Songs through Google Music


While you can find and listen to almost any Hindi movie song or music album on YouTube, there ’s now a better way.

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Google India, in partnership with and, today launched an online music portal at[ ]( you can search and listen to songs from Bollywood movies as well as music albums.

Google doesn’t host any of the music but streams it directly from partner sites.

It’s a pretty vast collection of both old and new songs and you can further limit your search by the song title, movie name, artist or by the name of actors who were part of the movie. Alternatively, you may use a query like “ [new songs ](” to find all the latest music sorted by release date.

You do however need to have the Flash Player in your browser to play the streaming music and it might therefore not work on most mobile browsers. That ’s one area where competing sites like Dhingana are still at an advantage.

Google Music India is a labs product and, at the time of writing, it only offered Hindi songs from movies. Also, you cannot create playlists on Google Music but I think all this will change once the product matures.

The service is free and supported by advertising.

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