How to install native BASH on Windows 10 – Not a VM ;)

Native Bash is available now in Windows 10 as Windows 10’s Anniversary Update .

Lets see how we can install it.

  1. Enable Developer mode in Windows 10 from settings >> Home, or search for Developer Mode from the Windows Menu.windows10-developer-mode-1
  2. Now enable Windows Subsystem For Linux Users from the Turn Windows features on or off menu.
  3. Once the installation is finished, Windows will ask you to reboot, please continue with it.
  4. Once the PC is rebooted, search for Bash in Windows Menu. The below window will open.
  5. Type Y to proceed with the bash (ubuntu) installation.
  6. Once installation is finished. it will ask you for the username. You can enter any username, i have used root  as the username.
  7. Once finished, you can use the id command to see the user
  8. Now you can run any Ubuntu commands here. such as installing apache2 and mysql-server
  9. Release details.
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