How to Extend the partition after extending it from VMware / SAN


  • CentOS 6/7, RHEL6/7 with XFS file system
  • My / Filesystem is full
  • I have extended the size from VMware datastore or SAN LUN


  • Reboot is necessary (6/7) if it is an OS parition ie /.
  • Makesure you have a backup / snapshot of the `sda` disk


In this example, we are assuming that the disk is /dev/sda and the partition is /dev/sda3 mounted on /.

  • Rescan the disk after extending the disk from VMware or SAN.
     echo 1 > /sys/block/sda/device/rescan
  • Now fisk -l /dev/sda will show the disks new size.
  • Now we have to extend the partition, for that run fdisk on the disk and re-create the parition.
    fdisk /dev/sda
  • Press p to print the partion table, and note your partion id for / (In our case its 3)
  • press d to delete the partition
  • Enter the number 3 and your partion is deleted.
  • Now press c to create a new partion and select 3 again, then just presss ENTER and ENTER when it as for starting and ending cylindar number.
  • Press p again to see the parion list and press w to write the partition table.
  • Now reboot your system
  • After rebooting, run xfsgrow /
  • Now run df -h and your partion will be extended.

Please Comment and share if found helpful 🙂

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