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Hello, Its our pleasure to anounce that we have migrated from WordPress to Ghost – Just a Open-Source Blogging Platform.

WordPress has gone too far from a Blogging platform to a level of CMS and a plaform for big Commercial websites. Here in JobNix, we just need a Stable blogging platform.

Yes, Ghost is just a Blogging Platform and not a CMS. It’s beautifully designed, completely customisable and completely Open Source. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do.

**The Application**

Ghost is an Open Source software project. What does that mean, exactly?

It means that the Ghost application is free. Free to use, free to modify, free to share, free to redistribute. You can do anything you like with the software, without legal restriction. When you download a copy of Ghost, you own it. It’s completely yours.

*Ghost is an application which is created for and made possible by its community of users.*

If you are looking for an Hosted version of Ghost So that you dont need to worry about the version updates etc, Then you can go for Ghost(Pro)

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