FTPbox – A Private DropBox Application

Ever thought “How to own a Private DropBox” ?


Well, If you have an ftp account on your web hosting, You can turn it to your private Dropbox with [FTPbox ](http://ftpbox.org/)application.

FTPbox is an open-source application that allows you to synchronize your files to your own host, via FTP. This way, you can access your files anywhere, without having to pay for disk space on some 3rd-party website!


**[Download From FTPbox](http://ftpbox.org/downloads/)**


[FTPbox v2.4.4 Installer (SourceForge.net)](https://sourceforge.net/projects/ftpbox/files/latest/download?source=dlp)
Windows installer ( .msi ) for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
md5: 3e677686967e94b98c6e2a7d7a6cd1b1
[FTPbox v2.4.4 Portable ( .zip )](http://ftpbox.org/downloads/index.php?f=FTPbox_244_Portable.zip)
ZIP package for portable use. You have to extract the files to use this.

**Mac OSX**
Coming soon…


Coming even sooner..

**Source Code**

[FTPbox for Windows Source Code](https://github.com/FTPbox/FTPbox)
The Github repository for the Windows version of FTPbox
SVN trunk: [https://svn.github.com/FTPbox/FTPbox](https://svn.github.com/FTPbox/FTPbox)

[Web Interface Source Code](https://github.com/FTPbox/Web-Interface)
All the files needed for the web interface of FTPbox, hosted on Github
SVN trunk: [https://svn.github.com/FTPbox/Web-Interface](https://svn.github.com/FTPbox/Web-Interface)

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