Best Redmine Hosting Service Provider in 2023

Today one of my friends was asking me for the best Redmine hoisting solution. He also wants to install some free plugin available to give it a boost.

As usual, I have gone for a google search and found the top results like easyredmine, redmineup, planio, etc. I also found some shared hosting companies that are providing Redmine on their shared hosting. As I don’t want to just suggest a cPanel hosting to host Redmine I started looking for a better team that is focused only on Redmine hosting only. Yea just like wpEngine for WordPress Managed Hosting (off the topic 😉 )

Redmine – opensource software?

I have gone through most of the mentioned providers’ pricing page and their features. One thing I commonly noticed is that all of them have a limitation on the users and projects that we are going to be created. That sounds crazy guys! What I know is that the Redmine is opensource software and there is no such limitation on it. So basically these companies are limiting the first plan or you can say the starter or basic plans to be on 3 projects and 5 users etc as part of their business. Btw, they are mentioning the storage as well which is like 5GB for the starter plan.

Believe me, I have seen Redmine with 100+ projects and users that use only 2GB of storage. Please keep in mind that it is always better to use GitHub or GitLab for Source Code Management and they have unlimited free repositories with better CI integrations. So, the storage limiting is not a dealbreaker for in a normal use case. Some of these providers have 25 users limited plan with around 70 USD / Month. Again that does not seem to be a reasonable cost for an opensource solution and there is a user limitation too. Remember that 25 is not only your staff account, but this can also be your clients too who want to raise bugs on your project and you will need to upgrade the plan later.

Since I don’t want to have a limitation on the number of users and projects I went ahead searched for other options like having it on shared hosting. Then I came across I was very happy to see their pricing page. They have only a single paid plan which costs only 20 USD/Month without any limitation of users or projects!. Thats soo cool! Also, they are giving a free Hosted Redmine account just in case you want to just use it for a few projects. Seems like they want to give it back to the community since they are using opensource software for the business.


Choosing the right Redmine hosting is depended on your business use case. The above-mentioned companies are providing additional functionalities on top of Redmine and you might need to go for it if you are looking for the same. Just make a note of the limitations and recurring amount before you choose any provider. Because moving out to another won’t be that easy or nearly impossible.

If you are looking for Redmine hosting without any proprietary plugins and functionalities, then I suggest that you must go for RedminPRO



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