Be safe with bSafe – A must have Android Application

![]( “bSafe”)

Its the time to be safe,

bSafe is a #1 app. You can get it too for FREE!

– Install this app on your android mobile.
– Continue without signup.
– Choose your Emergency contact numbers from your phone book.
– Choose call notification or SMS notification

Now when you are alone some where, and you need the help of your dear ones.  Just open this app and press the SOS button, This will send your location info as SMS to all the selected contact numbers. It will trigger a call also if you select the option. Its a very usefull application since it wont need the use of any dataplan like 2G or 3G.


– This app could save your life (CBS, Knoxville TN)
– We give bSafe 5 stars out of 5 (
– What this little app can do is seriously awesome! (
– Every girl should get this app (
– bSafe can catch rapists (

Install bsafe and be safe  ![;)](

## [Download from Play Store]( “Download bsafe”)

[Also available for iOS and Blackberry]( “bSafe”)

[![]( “bsafe1”)](   [![]( “bsafe2”)](   [![]( “bsafe3”)](

Watch the Video for more information,


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